• “While the suet blocks made by Mr. Skip Cockerum are a bit more expensive than other commercial suets, I can tell you from experience that they are worth every penny. Ive found that even with regular and enthusiastic visits from my woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, and wrens, one block lasted exactly one month.” -Conor / Customer

    Best suet I’ve ever used

  • “The items were shipped very quickly. I highly recommend this seller and will buy from again. Thanks!” -Carole / Customer

    Will buy again

  • “I love this long lasting suet!! We live in the PNW so Oregon Suet Block is PERFECT for our area and the local wild birds. Always a line at the feeders, we had to install a second and third! Thanks so much Skipio!!” – Chelsea @ TWFA / Customer

    I love this suet

  • “Thank you, Skip. You’re at the forefront of this industry which is going to be huge in the coming decades, and it would be lovely to see you profit from it. :)” – Tracy / Retailer

    Happy retailer

  • “Thank you so much for the timely responses. Your customer service is incredible and your company will always be my first go to for the crazy bird lovers in my family. Thank you again.” – Matt / Customer

    Great for the bird lovers in my life

  • “Just FYI—I am going to send a note to Cornell Lab of Ornithology & Nestwatch about your food. I have tried different types of suet—just to see how they compare to yours—and found that—HANDS DOWN— your product is absolutely the best for a number of reasons. It holds up better in weather and squirrels are not fans as it does not have corn or seeds etc. It may be a bit higher in price but it is the best no doubt and no questions. You do make a Superior product!”

    VERY Happy Repeat Customer

  • The part of the feed they like the most is the “Freeze Dried Bugs!” They will fight over each other to get the last one, they enjoy them so much!! The Chicken Food that you produce is by far the best and healthiest we have ever used for our Poultry!!

    By far the BEST chicken food!

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