Skipio’s Egg Meal




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A high protein and high fiber baby food that can also be fed to adult birds as a breeding conditioner. This product is made up of the ground seeds that birds naturally eat (canary grass seed & proso millet), not dried bread crumbs which is the main ingredient of so many of the eggfood/nesting foods on the market today. Additionally it contains, dried egg yoke, dehydrated insect larve, spirulina and aniseed.

Ground millet, ground canary seed, dry egg yoke, dehydrated insect (Musca domestica) larvae, spirulina, aniseed.
Protein – 22.1% Fat – 14.28% Fiber – 9.91%

Use Two: Mix with warm water for hand feeding with a spoon or syringe. This egg meal can be presented moistened or dry to adult birds for their nourishment or that of their young.


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