Sheltered Basic


Insect soft food mix designed for softbills & poultry. Especially beneficial during the breeding season and for growing offspring. Softbills & poultry especially love to forage through the crumbly pieces.



Sheltered Basic is a high quality mixture of dried and ground Musca Domestica larvae and pupae. It can be an excellent supplement for any avian diet requiring additional protein. Musca Domestica (the common housefly) provides the best calcium to phosphorus ratio for our birds, better even than the mealworm. 100% INSECTS. Organic, completely natural and without additives, this product helps provide essential avian protein nutrition required by insectivorous birds and breeding birds rearing young.

Directions for use:
Feed as a stand alone in its own dish, or add Sheltered Basic to your favorite home-made egg food and breads. You may also sprinkle onto your bird’s fruits and vegetables. Use to enhance commercial and fruit nectars or gel diets. Increase amounts during the breeding season.

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