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Insect soft food mix designed for poultry, quail and other similar species. Especially beneficial during the breeding season and for growing offspring. Poultry & quail especially love to forage through the crumbly pieces.

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This product contains a wide variety of foods that the poultry and game bird species especially enjoy like corn, wheat, alfalfa, flax, kelp and spirulina. Each pound contains about 6,500 organic-fed insects raised with love on our farm in Payette, Idaho. It can be mixed in with your regular feed or served by itself, and it will fit into whatever feeder you normally use. No sugars or fillers in any of our products and this is no exception! While most dried green mixes are full of questionable ingredients that aren’t always beneficial to your flock, we continue to pack ours with only the best.

This is yet another Skipio’s product containing greens like our Neonate, and therefore can be given to any bird species as a healthy source of daily greens. If you don’t believe us try it out with your flock and you’ll see they prefer our mixes to all others!

Add 1.5 cups of Poultry Crumble to every 5 lbs of feed. The additional nutrients will help them lay more consistently. One 5 lb bag is good for two 50 lb bags of feed. Or serve by itself.

Musca Domestica (insect), Non-GMO Corn, Non-GMO Wheat, Alfalfa, Flax Seed, Soybean, Kelp, Spirulina, Oyster shell

Protein: min 15%
Fat: min 8%
Fiber: max 9%

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