Ova Musca




Ova Musca was created to fill a need in wildlife rehabilitation diets. This product is made of 100% all natural ingredients and includes no artificial ingredients, flavours or colours. The protein sources are animal-based, offering the amino acids profile required by insectivores. Lipids and carbohydrates (glycogen and chitin) are also animal-based and highly available. Ova Musca has a Ca/P ratio of 1.6:1. If a Ca/P ratio of 2:1 is required, per 10 grams of OvaMusca, add 25 mg powdered elemental calcium from calcium carbonate.

Recommended use:
OvaMusca is a protein supplement suitable for animals that are insectivorous, or those that are breeding, moulting, growing, ill or injured. Other protein powders, based on soy, do not offer the amino acids profile required by carnivorous or insectivorous species, or those in special circumstances.


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