• New Product!

    Dirty Grain

    An excellent forage food for the most spoiled of birds.

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  • Wild Bird Food

    Oregon Feeder Insects & Wild Bird Suet

    We’ve been selling top quality wild bird food for over 25 years! Our “Oregon Feeder Insect” mix is the basis for our entire line of avian products. It has become a household name throughout the world.

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  • Caged Bird Food

    All caged birds need a good source of protein. Custom mixes for any species!

    Our insect-based products provide a much needed and often missed protein source to fulfill the nutritional needs of your domesticated finches, softbills, hookbills and all other caged bird. We can provide custom mixes for any species!

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  • Chickens, Poultry & Game Birds

    Keep them healthy

    Even your back yard chickens, poultry & game birds need a good source of protein & other fresh foods! 

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  • Wildlife Rehabilitation

    Wild birds thrive with our mixes

    Our products are used in zoo programs dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation and raising young wild birds. They experience high success rates with our insect mixes.

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